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TOEFL® iBT Independent Essay

"3-Step Strategy Writing System" Training

TOEFL® iBT and TOEIC Programs Set Global Standard for English-Language Assessment
 TOEFL test training from the author of the Independent Question "3-Step Strategy Writing System," and 6 other e-Books and e-Courses
 #1 Rated program. The most comprehensive writing prep course available. 

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e-Course teaching approach

Don’t waste time memorizing what others have written. Instead, take advantage of my adaptive learning technology and save time with a curriculum that will change to fit your needs. 

Carefullyeach yourself the TOEFL writing styleusing the 3-step system.

My strategy book, its system and the five supporting e-Books and e-Courses are designed to instruct and reinforce the basic skills of English fluency through self instruction and study.

1 - Decide Question Types Guide, Words that Ask the Questions

"Understanding EnglishWords that Ask the Questionsto Write as the Best Writers"

2 - Answering Discussion Questions Guide, Essay Writing Discussion Strategy Reference

"Coloring in Your Reader’s Mind"

"Powerful Discussion Methods Best Writers Use Examples. Discussion and Process Questions"

3 - 3-Step Strategy System Example I Guide , Disagreeing with Television Is Bad for Kids

"One Paragraph to Each Topic, Understanding Paragraphs in Essays"

4 -3-Step Strategy TOEFL Writing Indepdent Sample Example II eBookSystem Example II Guide   , "Hard Work or Luck?"

"Begin Each Paragraph with a Topic Sentence and End in Agreement"

5 - 3-Step Strategy System Example III Guide, "Locating a University in Your Community"

"Developing Topics, Use Definite Words, Write with Specifics"

I created the 3-Step writing system for   training non-native English speakers in the TOEFL iBT writing style.

This proven system has been  developed and tested for over six years.

Let's just set aside   your goal for the TOEFL iBT examination for a moment.

Let's talk about what is expected of you  as a   fluent speaker in English when it comes to writing on the TOEFL. In other words, what the TOEFL is exactly testing and how it relates to the 3-step strategy and fluency in English.

I created the 3-step system to develop for you what is required to know to pass the TOEFL writing tasks with a high score --4.5 or a 5.0 score.





A guarantee my competitors
wouldn’t dare make

At EssayMaster, I'm so serious about your success. If your score doesn't improve by at least 2 points or you score a 4.5 or better after my complete plan, I issue a full refund for the course materials.

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